World peace in equity.

We help people flourish to realize a prosperous world where each individual shines brightly. We believe that each person is born with something that only he or she can have, and we refer to it as a “flower” and provide services to angels around the world who can make “flowers” flourish.

Our Business

International Business Produce
International investment, international expansion consulting, legal, tax, and investment advisory



CEO Joseph Chow

He was admitted as a lawyer in Hong Kong in 1999 and is a legal professional with many years of experience handling international transactions, investments and intellectual property for various companies around the world including listed companies and large corporations.

Representative of Japan Nobuko Kotoyori

After her education at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, she has been involved in the management of several companies in Japan and worldwide, and has a rich network of family-like relationships around the world.


Company Info

Company NameFlower Angel Company Limited
AddressFLAT/RM 01&03, 16/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong

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